Iran say dem go destroy any kontri wey attack dem afta US move

Maj-Gen Hossein Salami Image copyright EPA

One senior military official for Iran say dem dey ready to destroy any kontri wey attack dia territory, afta US announce say, dem dey send troops to support Saudi Arabia.

"Be careful no make mistake," na wetin di head of Revolutionary Guards tok.

Dis wan dey come afta Iran deny di accuse by US and Saudi Arabia say dem get hand for di recent attacks on two Saudi oil facilities.

One top Saudi official say dem go take "necessary measures" afta dem finish dia investigations.

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir no give details of dia action but say dem go release di full findings of the investigations.

Yemen Houthi rebels, wey Iran dey support say dem dey responsible for di attacks of 14 September.

Tension between US and Iran don increase well- well since US President Donald Trump abandon one deal wey go limit Iran nuclear activities and bring back sanctions.

Wetin Iran tok?

"We ready to respond to any attacker," Maj-Gen Hossein Salami tell tori pipo on Saturday. "We no go allow war to enta our land."

"We go pursue any attacker na wetin im add put. "We go continue until we destroy any aggressor."

Maj-Gen Salami, bin dey tok for di opening of one exhibition of captured drones for di capital, Tehran add say dem go hit anybody wey cross" Iran borders.

Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps na di elite branch of di kontri military and US classify dem as terrorist organisation.

What about US?

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Secretary of Defence Mark Esper (L) and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford for Pentagon on Friday

Defence Secretary Mark Esper tell tori pipo on Friday say US decision to send troops to Saudi Arabia dey "defensive in nature",

Im say Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates bin request for military assistance, im add say dem neva decide di total number of troops wey dem go send.

US forces go focus to boost air and missile defences and "help to deliver military equipment" to both nations, na wetin oga Esper tok

On Friday, America nack new sanctions ontop Iran head but give signal say dem wan avoid military fight. Presido Trump call di new sanction "highest level", wey go focus on Iran central bank and di kontri wealth fund.

Wetin Saudi tok

Saudi Arabia don tok say dem go respond with di "necessary measure" to di attacks ontop im oil facilities dem. Dem still dey insist say Iran get hand for di mata.

Dem say di weapons wey dem use na from Iran, dem promise to release dia full investigation into di mata.

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