President Buhari order for Nigeria land border closure na blessing even farmers dey feel

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Image example Cocoa na one of di tins wey Nigeria dey use export for big money many decades before

Nigeria lawmakers say dem go give President Muhammadu Buhari tuale for closing di kontri land border for sometime now because e don epp to ginger di kontri economy.

Senators on Wednesday agree say di land border closing don epp local manufacturers dem to enjoy di fruit of dia labour and even reduce security challenge for di kontri.

For August 2019, Nigeria goment do temporary closing of land borders dem and na because dem wan torchlight smuggling of goods and small small weapons according to President Buhari.

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Image example Di lawmakers conclude say because of dis, oga Buhari, Nigerian Customs Service and oda security agencies deserve correct tuale.

And dat no go be di first time wey Nigeria go close land border, at least for food smuggling reason - dem do am for June 2018 and even for 2003.

Enough maize to feed di whole kontri

Association of Nigerian maize farmers say dem dey happy with President Buhari decision to close borders as e don make dem happy with price of maize.

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A bag of maize for market dey sell for N9000 now, where as before e dey go for N5000.

Chairmo of di association Bello Abubakar Funtua say borders wey Presido close and di fact say CBN no longer dey give money to pipo wey wan import food na im make maize sellers dey smile to di bank now.

Di chairmo say dem wan start to dey export maize to oda countries within a short time.

Funtua also tell BBC say e get enough maize on ground wey fit feed di whole kontri at dis time.

"Maize we we grow last year reach about 20 million tonnes and di companies wey dey buy from us no gree buy so presently we get enough for companies to buy, pipo wey dey do chicken feed and also pipo wey buy to chop, enough dey ground."

Funtua add say dem go try to maintain di price wey pipo fit afford so as to make life easy for buyers.

"We get committee wey we call GNP wey dey work alongside goment to regulate price of maize so dat e no go escalate."

Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan wey tok dis for dia session on Wednesday, September 25, say di lawmakers go also ask Ministries of Foreign Affairs & Interior to do diplomatic tok-tok wit goment of Republic of Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Chad to not allow smuggling of illegal goods - like clothe materials, food and weapons from dia kontri enta Nigeria again.

Dis land border closing fit be good tin for local producers and manufacturers because now Nigerians no go get choice but to patronize dem, and so market go begin move for dem.

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