Buhari go meet with South Africa president for Pretoria

President Cyril Ramaphosa meet President Muhammadu Buhari for Abuja Image copyright Twitter
Image example President Cyril Ramaphosa meet President Muhammadu Buhari

President Cyril Ramaphosa go host Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari for state visit on Thursday.

Dis visit go be di first incoming state visit wey go happun for South Africa under di number six goment of di kontri.

Na since 1994 na im South Africa and Nigeria dey padi padi for political, economic and social mata, afta South Africa do im first democratic elections.

Recently, Nigeria through di oga of Air Peace Allen Onyema helep over 300 of im kontri pipo wey dey run from xenophobic attacks from South Africa come back dia kontri.

Dis attack bin make Nigerians para say make goment close all di South African business wey dey di kontri.

For state house press release, President Buhari tok say some of di mata wey dey to discuss nah how Nigerians wey dey di kontri go dey live for dia with no katakata. Im add say im go hold town hall meeting with dem to tok wetin dem dey face and how goment fit protect dia lives and property.

According to statement from di South Africa president, part of wetin dey bring dis state visit nah for di two kontris to torch light trade and investment mata wey dey between dem.

"South African companies wey dey Nigeria get ogbonge business for different sectors like telecommunications, banking, retail, hospitality, mining, tourism, agriculture and construction and tourism". Na so Presido Ramaphosa tok.

Dis state visit no be only to provide opportunity for di two presidents to tight di political, economic, social and cultural relations wey dey between dem kontris, na to also create space to tok on mata wey concern mutual interest of di continent and global governance.

At di end of di meeting di two leaders go sign agreement wey dey protect dem interest for di kontris

President Buhari go comot Nigeria go Pretoria for di 3 day visit on Wednesday.

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