Uganda dey plan death sentence for homosexuals

Uganda first gay pride march Image copyright AFP
Image example Uganda first get dia first pride march for 2014 afta court cancel di "Kill The Gays" law

Uganda ethics and integrity minister don tok say plan dey to bring back di anti -gay law wey Constitutional Court bin cancel for 2014.

Simon Lokodo tell tori pipo Reuters say di new bill go make offenders make dem dey sentenced to death.

E say, "we wan make am clear say e go dey criminal for any pesin wey dey involved and dey promote di mata, pipo wey dey do dat kain tin go face di death sentence."

E also tok say "homosexuality no dey natural to Ugandans".

For February 2014, Presido Yoweri Museveni bin sign di "Kill the Gays" bill for law but constitutional court bounce am for August ontop technical mata.

Oga Lokodo tok say di new bill get di backing of di presido and MPs and say di kontri dey ready for any blowback wey fit happun because of am.

Pepe Julian Onziema from Sexual Minorities Uganda wey be joinbodi for LGBT+ organisations don say dia members don start to fear as during di last time, plenti pipo run comot di kontri as refugees and e be like history go repeat imself.

Oga Onziema tok say dis year alone, dem don kill three gay men and one transgender woman on top homophobic attacks, di latest na from last week wen dem beat one gay man to death.

Some oda kontris wey dey punish homosexuality with death sentence na:

  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Mauritania
  • Qatar
  • Yemen

For di Northern parts of Nigeria, homosexuality dey punishable by stoning to death under Sharia law.

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