Ekiti wan castrate sexual offenders, but na solution wey fit end di crime?

Bisi Fayemi
Image example Madam Fayemi bin tok recently say she sef suffer sex for grades when she bin dey university

Ekiti state, south western Nigeria don carri war go di domot of sexual offenders wit dia proposed law of medical castration as punishment.

But di question wey dey pipo mind na weda castration na good solution to end Gender Based Violence (GVB), like rape of women and young underage girls.

Earlier on Thursday, local tori pipo bin report say wife of di Ekiti State Governor, Bisi Fayemi, dey sponsor bill to update di Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prohibition Law, 2011, so dat e go get tins like medical castration as punishment.

Medical castration na wen dem comot testes from male pesin (dat na di tin wey dey produce sperm ). In short, any man wey dem don castrate no go fit give woman belle.

But say pesin no fit comot sperm no mean say im no go fit use im private part. Dis na wetin medical doctor Thomas-Wilson Ikubese bin tell BBC.

Ekiti war against GBV

Di war against sexual offenders for Ekiti no just start today.

For March 2019, Ekiti announce some tins wey dem plan to do in order to reduce di crime for dia state. One of dem na to get register wia dem go put di personal information (like name, age etc) of sexual offenders, plus website wey go even show dia face.

By August, tori bin comot say govnor Kayode Fayemi don announce di first pesin ontop di register.

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"...Im dey serve 5-year prison sentence now for federal prisons, Ado-Ekiti ontop say im sexually abuse and take advantage of one 7-year-old girl. We don register am for Ekiti inside di Ministry of Justice sex offenders' register," The Guardian, bin report say Fayemi write for Twitter.

Dem go also announce di offenders ontop radio and show dia face for state television. Di community area wey di offender bin dey live go get posters of di convict all over.

Difference between Medical Castration and Chemical Castration

Unlike medical castration, chemical castration no go comot anytin for human being bodi.

Chemical castration na di type wey pesin go use medicine or take injection for so as to reduce di sexual ginger for man bodi.

Record, show say sexual offenders for different kontris around di world wey dem don give dis medicine to, no dey get am for mind to 'do' again. Not to tok of commit sexual-based crime.

Kontris wey don already begin punish sexual offenders wit dis chemical castration include Poland, Moldova, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea and some parts of United States.

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