Nobel Peace Prize 2019: Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed don win am

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed attend di High Level Consultation Meetings of Heads of State and Government on di situation for di Democratic Republic of Congo for di African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 17 January, 2019. Image copyright Reuters
Image example Abiy Ahmed become prime minister Ethiopia for April 2018

Dem don announce di pesin wey carry di 2019 Nobel Peace Prize and na Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed win am.

Dem give am di prize for im efforts to "achieve peace and international cooperation".

Ethiopia reach peace deal with Eritrea last year, and di agreement end 20-year gbege wey follow dia 1998-2000 border war.

Dem name am as di winner of di 100th Nobel Peace Prize for Oslo.

Dem go award di prize, wey worth nine million Swedish crowns (about £730,000; $900,000), for Oslo for December.

Na total of 301 candidates dem nominate for di ogbonge award, including 223 pipo and 78 organisations.

Pipo bin don dey wonder say who go carry di prize, as pipo really like climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

Who be Abiy Ahmed?

After im become prime minister for April 2018, Mr Abiy introduce ogbonge policies to reform Ethiopia, and im also shake up di kontri,

E also free thousands of im opposition activists from prison and allow pipo wey bin go exile to come back home. Di serious tin wey im do na to sign peace deal with di kontri neighbour Eritrea, end di two-decade conflict.

Im reforms also open eyes ontop di ethnic gbege for Ethiopia, and di violence wey e cause to remove 2.5 million people from dia house.

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