Mental Health: ‘I go dey hear voices’
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‘I no fit complete my master’s because of Schizophrenia’

As di world remember 2019 world mental health day October 10, one pesin share im tori with BBC Pidgin about how e struggle with Schizophrenia.

Namadi, according to di name she want make we call her, say she want want make everybody learn from her experience.

She say wen dis her condition start wen she dey for JSS 2 she no too take and serious until di mata come serious.

Wetin Schizophrenia mean?

Schizophrenia na disorder wey dey affect how pesin dey tink, feel, and behave. E fit become chronic or severe if pesin no manage am well according to Dr Tomi Imarah wey be Specialist Psychiatrist.

Our tori pesin Sarah Tiamiyu ask Dr. Tomi Imarah if pipo and goment authorities dey pay enof attention on top mental health mata for Nigeria."

"We neva even scratch di surface to address di cultural and religious beliefs wey dey cause stigmatization of pipo wey get mental health challenges," Dr Tomi tok.

"Dis na sometin wey all of us need to participate through Mental health promotions. Schizophrenia na sometin wey fit happen to anybody."

Wetin dey cause am?

According to Dr. Ojo Tunde Masseyferguson wey be consultant psychiatrist and oga for department of Mental health, university of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Schizophrenia na 'Like any oda mental disorders.'

"We no fit tok say na one particular tin dey cause am. Many tins join bodi including weda e dey for family and how pipo fit take handle life stress.'

Dr Ojo add say pipo don begin dey more aware of mental disorders but di journey still far from wia e suppose reach as e be say plent pipo no too know wetin e be.

"No be life sentence, e dey manageable and pipo fit live good normal life."

Concerning weda goment don do enof, Dr Ojo say in terms of policy and mental health service development, goment neva try.

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