Passenger slump and die for Lagos airport afta e hear bad news

Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos

Tragedy happun for di international wing of Murtala Muhammed airport on Saturday afta one Nigerian passenger slump and die wen im receive bad news say im wife dead.

Dis sad news happun wen di passenger, bin dey pass through boarding procedures for di airport as e bin wan travel out from di kontri.

Tok-tok pesin for MMIA Police Command Lagos, DSP Joseph Alabi tell BBC Pidgin say immediately di passenger collapse dem rush am go hospital but e later come die dat yesterday.

According to DSP Alabi, dis incident happun around 5:30 p.m. and Dr Ajayi Olamide for di Murtala Muhammed International airport Medical facility na come confam say di passenger don die.

Dem come carry di man dead body go put for Air Force Hospital mortuary.

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