Lady Gaga and her fan fall yakata from stage for her Las Vegas show

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Image example Di star still dey run her Enigma tour since December 2018

Lady Gaga fall yakata inside di crowd during her latest show wey she dey do for Las Vegas.

Dis wan happun afta di star bin call one of her fans wey im name na Jack make e come stage, na as she jump for im bodi to begin dey dance, na im e leg shift and dem come land yakata for ground.

One of di pipo wey go di show tok for Reddit say, "we tink say, true-true ehn, she bin don kpeme."

But Lady Gaga still cari di guy come back stage wia she say, "We love ourselves sotay we fall from stage, We be like Jack and Rose from Titanic.

I tink say we suppose drink tea afta dat."

Fans bin dey fear for madam Gaga as she get fibromyalgia wey dey increase di level of pain for pesin bodi.

For 2013, she bin cancel her Born This Way tour afta she injure her hips

But di star do like she no too feel am at all and even tell Jack sorry afta im start to dey cry say im let di star fall.

"Nor worry, everytin dey OK, no be your fault," she tok, she also add say: "You fit promise me something? You fit forgive yourself now for wetin just happun?"

One pesin wey tok about dio mata for Reddit to say she bring am up come stage come tell everyone for internet to behave nice to am.

Later for di show, she show her audience say she really dey okay afta she do one ogbonge performance for her song, Bad Romance.

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