Canada election: How immigration go affect di vote

Canadian dey fly national flag wey get marijuana leaf instead of di normal maple leaf Image copyright AFP/Getty
Image example More dan six million immigrants don land for Canada since 1990- and di number dey increase.

Pipo for Canada dey vote on 21 October to decide weda dem want give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal party second term for office.

Di outcome of dis election fit change di kontri current immigration policy.

Canada three major political party, di ruling Liberal party, di Conservative Party of Canada and di New Democratic Party dey support economic immigration but get different policy.

Immigration na mata wey also affect plenty Africans wey dey eye to port go di American kontri. More dan six million immigrants don land for Canada since 1990- and di number dey increase.

See wetin di three parties dey tok ontop immigration mata.

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Image example Federal party leaders for Canada 2019 general election

Di Liberal party

Di Liberal goment announce for 2018, say dem go increase di number of immigrants wey go enta dia kontri ova di next three years and accept 350,000 immigrants every year by 2021.

Dem also plan to amend di Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to "manage, discourage and prevent irregular migration." dat na according to tori pipo Global news.

Di Conservative party

Dis na some of di party plans, to make sure say di immigration levels dey consistent with Canada best interests;

To help reunite families with dia spouses and children.

Ensure say dia system prioritize pipo wey dey face true persecution"


For di New Democratic Party, if dem come into power di only pipo wey dem go allow come dia kontri na those wey dem get job for.

Application for Canada citizenship rise from 130% from October 2017 to June 2018.

Permanent residents admitted into Canada in 2017

Source: Department Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

And Nigeria and Philippines dey among di top 10 kontries of origin for immigrants wey dey move go Canada.

Di kontri wan attract migrants to deal with dia ageing population and low birth rate sake of Canada working population.

Dia current plan wey go cover three years go see dem allow 330,800 immigrants inside dia Kontri for 2019, 341,000 for 2020 and 350,000 for 2021.

Over 27 million pipo dey register to vote for dis election inside Canada 338 seat House of Commons.

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