Di woman wey want everybodi to enjoy porn... not only men

Ericka Lust, during filming, wear headphones Image copyright Erika Lust Productions
Image example Feem maker Erika Lust want porn to also show di experience of women

One female erotic feem producer wan stop wetin she call "macho culture" wey dey plenti well-well for di online porn industry and dey make feems wia both women and men go fit find equal enjoyment.

Erika Lust, wey be leading erotic film director and dey run her own production company tok say "men wey no care about female sexuality, na dem dey produce most of di porn wey dey out dia."

"Women na also sexual human beings. We dey here, we dey exist for dis planet, because of sex."

Di feem director add say women want to enjoy porn di way men dey enjoy am, but most of di porn wey dey, na men wey no dey show concern about female feelings dey produce am.

"With my feems, I dey try to show anoda choice to di kind of porn wey we don dey used to."

Every second, more than 1,000 search na im dey happun for di biggest porn site for di world (PornHub 2018 year review data).

But according to madam Erika, most of di sex wey dey online dey show one sided version of pornography: dat na di "macho man" wey want dia own enjoyment and no care about di women pleasure and dignity

She say some of di videos wey all dis website dey offer na serious 'turn off';

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Image example "Online sex dey find you, instead of di oda way round," according to Lisa

"You need to look at any website to see wetin dem dey offer: 'Fat Latina Gets Destroyed', 'Son gets caught watching step-mum's stretch for yoga class then f***s her'... Chai! wetin be all dis!"

"Most of di porn wey dey for all dis websites dey represent sexuality wey I no fit` identify with. I dey try to show feems wia pipo dey equally share dia pleasure through sex."

"Sex suppose be about pipo wey dey come togeda, to have a great time togeda."

Lisa Williams, wey be one of di hosts for The Hot Bed podcast and co-author of More Orgasms Please, agree wit wetin madam Erika tok.

"Our listeners and readers say di porn wey dem dey see online no dey reflect dia experience of pleasure, e no dey represent female pleasure, our desire, or how e dey work."

"E be like say online "mainstream porn still dey for old, tired ideas."

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Although Erika dey use social media to promote her pornography, she believe say instagram dey "shadow banned" her account and post- dat na wen dem totally or partially block your account sake of say e carry "sexual content".

Wen she complain online, oda erotic artists come out wit di same claim.

But Instagram tell di BBC say dem no use di expression "shadow banning", but dem dey "take action on top any content wey pipo report to us" if e breaks our rules - dem also say pipo get di opportunity to appeal dia decision.

Madam Erika say because say sex education no too dey, young pipo dey turn to porn to learn.

While madam Lisa support wetin Erika tok and say; "Dem want to know more about sex, dey want to learn about sex, dey want to understand sex... so yes, dem dey watch porn."

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