World Bank 2020 Doing Business Index no reflect di reality on ground - Nigerian Biznessman

Buhari dey shake Soludo wey im appoint for Members of Presidential Economic Advisory Council (PEAC) for September 2019.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Presidency

Wetin we call dis foto,

President Muhammadu Buhari dey shake Soludo wey im appoint for Members of Presidential Economic Advisory Council (PEAC) for September 2019.

President Muhammadu Buhari don tok say belle sweet am wella ontop di World Bank 2020 Doing Business Index (DBI) wey rank Nigeria 131 out of 190 countries, up 15 places from 146th position last year.

The report wey land on Thursday, also name Nigeria one of di top 10 most improved economies in di world for di second time in three years.

But Rotimi Williams wey get di second largest commercial rice farmer for Nigeria say dey di ease of doing business report wey World Bank release no be true reflection of di reality wey dey ground.

Williams wey be di owner of Kereksuk Rice Farm for Nassarawa State, North Central Nigeria tell BBC Pidgin say "I neva farm for 18 months sake of insecurity issues for agriculture."

Wetin World Bank index ranking dey based on;

  • Starting new business - Procedures, time, cost, and minimum capital to open new business
  • Construction permits - Procedures, time, and cost to build warehouse
  • Electricity - procedures, time, and cost wey dey required for business to get permanent electricity connection for warehouse wey dem just construct new.
  • To register property- Procedures, time, and cost to register commercial real estate
  • To get loan- Strength of legal rights index, depth of credit information index
  • Investor protection- Indices on di extent of disclosure, extent of director liability, and ease of shareholder suits.
  • To pay tax- Number of tax wey business go pay, hours per year spent wey e go take to prepare tax returns, and total tax payable as share of gross profit.
  • Trading across borders - Number of documents, cost, and time wey dey necessary to export and import.
  • Enforcing contracts - Di procedures, time, and cost to enforce a debt contract.
  • Resolving insolvency -Di time, cost, and recovery rate (%) under bankruptcy proceeding.

Wia dis foto come from, Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning

Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria Minister of Finance, Budget & National Planning Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed dey do meeting with Dr. Bandar M. H. Hajjar President, Islamic Development Bank for f IMF/ World Annual Meetings.

For inside dia report e show say Nigeria don improve 39 places since 2016 to 131 for dia latest ranking for di world out of 190 kontries.

Di ease of doing business index na wetin World Bank dey take judge di level of wahala wey dey ground wey business pipo dey face for any kontri.

However, di concern wey oga williams get, no be di factor wey world bank use rank Nigeria.

"My farm dey for Tunga Nassarawa State across di river Benue wia I dey farm e get wia dem dey call wukari for Taraba State wia Tiv and Jukun dey fight now once dey start, my own farm go turn to IDP camp wia pipo go come stay so I no fit farm. Oga Williams tok.

Oga Williams wey bin dey react to di latest ease of doing business report wey World Bank release ontop 190 kontries for di world say im don put im rice business on hold for now until tins improve.

"I need to look for area wia wahala no dey di community to operate, areas like Plateau wey you fit go by road wia dem no get kidnapping issues to start our operations and partner with Nigeria army farms and ranches wey go provide security for us to farm." na wetin im add put.

Beyond wetin di World Bank use rank kontris ease of doing busines, factors like security, electricity and plenti tax dem na some of di headache wey many bizness dem dey face for Nigeria.

Top five kontries for Sub-Saharan Africa for ease of doing business na:

  • Mauritius (13) world
  • Rwanda (38)
  • Kenya (56)
  • South Africa (84)
  • Zambia (85)

Ghana dey 118 while Cameroon dey 167 position for di list