Instagram don ban 'cosmetic surgery' filters

Examples of cosmetic surgery filters

Wia dis foto come from, Daniel Mooney/Instagram

Social media app Instagram dey remove wetin dem call 'augmented reality (AR) filters' wey dey show or promote cosmetic surgery, becos of concerns say dem dey harmful to pipo mental health.

Effects wey dey make pipo look like say dem do lip injections, fillers or facelift go dey among those wey Instagram wan ban.

Research suggest say face-changing filters fit make odas dey feel worse about di way wey dem look.

Instagram, wey Facebook be owner, say di ban na to promote wellbeing.

"We dey look into our policies again - we want our filters to be positive experience for pipo" according to one tok-tok pesin.

"While we dey look into our policies again, we go remove all effects from di [effects] gallery wey dey related to plastic surgery, stop further approval of new effects like dis and remove current effects if dem report am to us."

For August, one update to di Instagram app allow users to create dia own virtual effects, like animations and custom face filters, wey pesin fit put on top images and videos.

Many popular filters - like Plastica - come later dey mimic di effects of cosmetic surgery.

Another filter - FixMe - show how one cosmetic surgeon mark one pesin face before e do operation.

Di pesin wey create am, Daniel Mooney, tell BBC say: "FixMe original idea na to show pipo how stressful plastic surgery dey, di way di process long well-well with di markings and bruising.

"My plan no be to show 'perfect' image, as you dey see am for di final result. Perfection dey overhype.

"I dey see wia Instagram dey come from, but as long as some of di most-followed accounts for Instagram full with heavily surgically 'improved' pipo, e no go really bring much change if Instagram remove surgery filters."

Instagram tok say dem no dey sure how long e go take to remove all of di filters but many users welcome di ban.

But some users tok say dem go miss di effects.

Research suggest say too much use of social media fit cause feelings of depression - although some pipo dey say na lie for dis claims.

For February, Instagram tok say dem go remove all bad images of self-harm from dia platform, because of concerns say dem fit affect young pipo and those wey dey expose to danger.

Dis one na afta di death of one 14-year-old Molly Russell, wey kill herself for 2017 afta im watch very bad images of self-harm for di site.