Jemima: Death of 20 yrs undergraduate for University of Jos wey drunk driver hit

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja
Jemima Anselm

Wia dis foto come from, Othniel Anselm/Twitter

Police for north central Nigeria, deny accuse say dem release man wey hit two students of University of Jos on Sunday wey don cos kasala.

Social media users across di kontri dey use #Justiceforjemima to demand justice for di death of Jemima Anselm, di 20 year old student wey die alongside her friend for Jos, Plateau state.

Tori be say Jemima Anselm and her friend Jennifer bin enta keke (commercial tricycle) dey go church wia she be usher to worship, wen one driver hit dem.

Immediately, di keke man die and Jemima and Jennifer die later afta dem carri dem go hospital and di hospital refuse to treat dem sake of say dem want dem to bring police report.

Days afta Jemima broda enta Twitter to cry out ontop di way im sister die.

Police Tok Tok pesin, Terna Tyopev tell BBC Pidgin for telephone on Thursday say dem neva release oga Augustine Daniel wey dem say be di main suspect wey jam dem but Jemima family say dat one na big fat lie.

Dem accuse say police release Augustine on top bail and dem no go rest until dem get justice for dia daughter.

But police tok tok pesin explain say afta police get di report of di accident, dem arrest Augustine cari am go police station and lock am plus seize im car.

But dat on Tuesday, oga Augustine bin complain say im chest bin dey pain am and dem cari am go Airforce hospital wia dem treat am.

And afta di treatment, dem bring am back to police station and dem di prepare im court papers to cari am go court.

"Our family dey heart broken"

Di elder sister of Jemima, Ochanya Anselm say di entire family still dey in shock about wetin happun.

She explain say her little sister na one of di best student for her statistics class.

"She be bright pikin since wen she dey primary school and e dey clear say her futre dey bright"

"But all dat one don dabaru sake of wetin di driver do" she explain.

She add say her mother neva fit accept say her lovely daughter don die and dem dey manage di situation as she dey really traumatised.


Plenti pipo enta social media dey para for justice for Jemima and her friend wit di #justiceforJemima.

Many dem provoke say hospital wey dem cari Jemima go bin refuse to treat di accident victim sake of dem no present police report.