Russia-Africa Summit: Bread, rocket launcher, new AK-47 for Sochi

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Di Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum go be like dream come true for many African leaders as Russia announce say dem don cancel debt wey di continent owe from soviet-era period.

Di photos below na of how tins waka for delegates and leaders from Africa wey go city of Sochi, wia di two days meeting happun.

First tins first. All African leaders wey land from dia plane, bin get ogbonge welcome from di Russians. Dis welcome include bread to chop, and salt to lick, right dia for airport!

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Image example E be like say na every leader from Africa dem give di bread chop for Sochi as South Africa presido cut small chop

Actually dis na wetin Russian pipo dey call "bread and salt" cultural ceremony. For Russia, bread wey be di most respected food na wetin dem dey take welcome pipo and salt to dem mean friendship wey go last.

When di meeting begin proper, di time difference for Russia be like say make some leaders tire small.

Russia na one of di biggest makers of guns and weapons for di world and dem no waste time to carri invite pipo to come buy market.

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Image example Top goment official from eSwatini carri new Kalashnikov rifle to test
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Image example If na rocket launcher dey sweet you for belle to buy, dat one sef dey

Bodi dem say, no be firewood. Apart from weapons, oda products dey on display, like di chair wey dey massage pesin body.

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Image example Anoda Africa delegate decide to sidon try di massage chair to see how e be for bodi

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