Cancer: How enof sleep dey kill you

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"I go sleep when I blow" or "I go sleep wen I die" na sometin wey pipo dey use motivate dem sef to hustle mostly for dis part of di world.

But research don comot to prove say lack of sleep na bigger cause of cancer for bodi than even chemicals sef.

Di World Heath Organisation (WHO) collabo wit di International Agency for Research on Cancer for July and show say strong link dey between pipo wey dey work hard for night and breast cancer.

According to di WHO report, "di Working Group don classify night time work, wey be wen pipo wey no dey sleep di normal time, everybodi dey sleep as 'e fit dey cancerous to humans' on top limited evidence for humans dem, boku evidence of cancer for experimental animals dem and strong mechanistic evidence for di animals wey dem do experiment wey include suppression of immunity, inflammation for bodi and di way di cells dey take ova."

Sabi pesin for sleep, Matt Walker, tok say "di shorter your sleep, di shorter your life."

And dat dey right. because even for 2004, WHO bin dey discuss sleep mata to see how e fit cause wahala for health and dem find say e dey affect how your brain dey work.

And the truth be say di effects fit be long term. Oga Walker say, "we don find say lack of sleep dey affect yor DNA genetic code gan-gan and dey cause memory loss as you dey grow older."

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Matt Walker na brain scientist wey dey study why human beings need sleep

So wetin dey happun when your bodi lack sleep

Oga Walker say, "Sometin dey di left and right side of di brain wey dem dey call di hippocampus, and na wetin dey collect information wey pesin learn, store am, we find say wen pipo no sleep, signal no go dey for dia to accept new informate or build memory again."

"Without sleep, di memory part of di brain go dey like water dey block am, and no go allow any new informate to enta."

Matt Walker tok about one study wey dem do on some adults wey dem make sleep six hours and when dem let dem get dia complete eight hours come tok wetin e find.

"Dem find say 711 out of 750 genes for dia DNA bin change ontop lack of sleep. Dem find say di genes wey dey increase tumor, inflammation and cardiovascular disease dem increase, while di genes wey dey work for immunity reduce."

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Pipo dey see sleep as luxury but e dey important

Di World Health Organization report for 2004 tok say lack of sleep fit cause hypertension, accidents wen you dey work or drive and mental health wahala.

So if you no sleep, e no get any part of your bodi wey no go feel am and long term sef, WHO don link am to breast, and prostrate cancer.

How you fit start to dey sleep beta

Oga Matt Walker give some tips on top how to make sure, you sleep, di sleep wey go fi save your life.

  • Regularity: Make sure say na di same time you dey sleep everiday and di same time you dey wake up everyday, weda na weekend or weekday. Wetin e go do na to make you sleep longer and better. You see why e dey harder to do for pesin wey dey do shift work.
  • Keep am cool: Di core temperature for your bodi suppose drop by at last two degree Fahrenheit so you go sleep well-well, dat kain deep sleep wey fit save your life. If you notice, e dey easier for pesin to fall asleep if di place dey too cold than when di place dey too hot.