How selfie help reveal pikin wey 'nurse tiff' for 1997

  • By Sarah McDermott
  • BBC World Service
Miché (left), aged 21, with her sister Cassidy Nurse
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis na anoda selfie wey show say di girls na true, Sister, Sister

For January 2015, one 17 year old girl for Zwaanswyk High School for Cape Town, Miché Solomon meet one new student wey dey three years younger dan her but resemble her like say dem be twins.

Miché tok say di first time she meet Cassidy Nurse dem connect well-well, like dem don sabi each oda tay-tay, so even with di age gap dem begin dey follow each oda waka.

Miché say, "I go call am, "Hey, baby girl" and she go call me "Hey, big sis" and sometimes I go help her with her air or lip gloss."

Wia dis foto come from, Mpho Lakaje

Wetin we call dis foto,

Miché Solomon today

If pesin ask weda dem be sisters, dem go joke say, "We no know, maybe for anoda life."

Then one day dem take selfie togeda, as per teenagers wey dem be and dia parents come see am.

Na so Cassidy parents chook eye for di foto begin ask Miché questions like "Dem born you for 30 April 1997 abi?"

Miché bin tink say her new friend parents dey stalk her for Facebook but ansa say true-true, na di da dem born her be dat.

Weeks later, dem call Miché enta her headmaster office and na dia two social workers download di gist give her say e pssible say her real name na Zephany Nurse and say dem bin tiff her from her parents three days afta dem born her for Groote Schuur Hospital for Cape Town.

But Miché no believe, according to her, dem born her for Retreat Hospital wey dey 20 minutes drive away and na wetin dey her birth certificate but di social workers say no record dey say dem born her dia.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lavona Solomon for house with di newborn pikin Miché

Miché come agree to DNA test after all, "my mama wey raise me, she no go lie give me, so I bin dey expect negative result."

But di result wey come out prove say she be Zephany Nurse wey dem snatch for 1997. She tok say, she shock, "My life go out of control."

As if dat one no dey enough, Miché come hear say di woman wey raise am as mama, Lovona Solomon, dey police hand afta dem arrest her.

She say she shock as she bin get plenti questions to ask like "Why? Wetin dey happun?"

Wetin we call dis foto,

Eight-month-old Miché with Michael

Miché bin dey around wen police question 'her papa', Lavona husband, Michael on top weda e bin get hand for di kidnap plot.

She remember say, "I bin dey watch how anoda man dey make my papa look like small pikin, as im dey say, 'I no do dis tin, na my pikin be dat. How she no be my pikin.'" Im even add say im wife bin get belle at di time.

Police release Michael afta dem find say e no get hand for di plot.

Meanwhile for 2016, dem sentence Lavona to 10 years for prison on top fraud, kidnapping and violation of di Child Act.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Celeste Nurse (left) and her second-born child, Cassidy

Even though Celeste and Morne Nurse bin get three more pikin dem bin no stop to dey find dia fist daughter, dey even dey celebrate dia birthday even afta den divorce.

And di funny tin be say di Nurses and Solomon dia house bin dey five kilometres apart all dis years.

Miché say afta dem meet and dem dey hug am as dem miss am, she no miss anytin as per say she no know dem, but she feel dia pain say dem dey find her. Even as she bin dey her own hell say 'her mama', Lavona dey prison.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Lavona Solomon (with her face covered) as she dey entaCape Town High Court for her trial

Lavona Solomon bin tok for trial say na pesin wey bin dey give am fertility treatment wey her name be Sylvia give am di pikin say na young girl born am and no want again. But court no find Sylvia and dem find evidence say Lovana pretend to be nurse come steal di pikin.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Morne Nurse, Zephany's biological father,as im dey comot court after di guilty verdict

Lavona still say she no do di crime but Miché no believe but dey live for her house with Michael dey wait for dem to release her mama.

She say, "I bin tink say I go fit go live with my real parents but as dem don divorce, di family unit don scata na why I decide to live with Michael, my papa."

Miche admit say, she still dey visit her mama Lavona for prison and no fit wait until she come home as she don forgive am.

She admit say e don hard to gel with her real family as sometimes she bin feel like she hate dem say dem take her mama.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Michael with Miché's daughter as dem dey go visit Lavona for prison

Miché Solomon still dey use di name wey she grow up with even though di name for her records na Zephany.

"I tink for di begining, I bin hate Zephany. She bin come with force and cari with am plenti pain. But Zephany na di truth and Miché, di 17 year old girl I bin dey as, na lie. So I don manage to balance di two names, You fit call me either Miché or Zephany I no mind."