Ekema Patrick: Cameroon dey for shock afta surprise die for Mayor for Buea

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon
Patrick Ekema Esunge
Wetin we call dis foto,

Patrick Ekema Esunge bin dey speak strongly against di ghost towns wey separatists dey declare from time to time.

Ekema Patrick Esunge, mayor for Buea, Southwest Cameroon die for hospital for Douala afta e no feel fain for night.

Buea Council Public Relations Officer, PRO, Oscar Musonge, confirm die for di mayor for BBC News Pidgin on Sunday as e say de council workers dey inside shock wit de sad news.

Just now e nova be clear weti kill mayor one taim laik dis and de family still dey wit doctors for hospital for check weti really kill de major, Musonge tok.

E say tori di waka up and down say deh poison mayor and anoda one say e get heart attack but na only doctor wen go don komot dia report weh deh council go fit give official tok about de die.

Tori na say mayor Ekema do e work normal-normal, give ambulance for some hospital for Friday number 25 day for October, den for Saturday night e no feel fain, so de rush e for hospital for Douala for wusai e die afta.

Wia dis foto come from, Ekema Patrick

Before e die mayor Patrick Ekema be bi na man for action, and e bin di close shops dem, encourage pipo for sell for Monday, day weh separatists fighters declare as dia kontri Sunday, (ghost town).

Some pipo di share dis sorry heart for dis kana surprise die for social media but some separatist activists no di hide dia joy for dis die.

Ekema bin organise march for peace for Buea and President for South Chiefs conference, Effa Rene bin crown Ekema 'Nyamoto Kpwatolo'-warrior weh e di work for de interest of kontri and pipo.

Patrick Ekema bin bi na ruling party CPDM mimba for Southwest region.