Why Catholic bishops vote for married men to become priest

Brazilian Bishop Wilmar Santin dey do Mass for Itaituba for di Amazon region

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Brazilian Bishop Wilmar Santin dey do Mass for Itaituba for di Amazon region

Roman Catholic bishops don vote to allow married men to become priest for di Amazon region for move wey go see dem go against dia vow to no marry.

Dem cast dia vote for di end of Vatican assembly for di Amazon, wia dem dey experience shortage of priest.

For di proposal to take effect, Pope Francis must support am and very soon, im go tok wetin im tink about di mata.

Traditional pipo dey fear say di tin fit make di church begin allow priest to marry all ova di world and e go pour sand sand for di unique character wey di church get.

Dem take di vote for one three-week assembly wey dem dey call synod of some 180 bishops wey dey Rome.

For di assembly, dem also chook eye for di role of women for di Church work and environmental issues dey part of di mata wey dem discuss.

Di Catholic Church na di oldest institution wey dey di Western world. Di Church bin start almost 2,000 years ago and im get pass one billion members.

Why priests dey scarce for di Amazon?

Tori pipo for Reuters tok say 85% of di pipo wey dey di villages for di region no fit attend mass every week.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

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Deacons like Shainkiam Yampik Wananch dey preach to di Catholics for di Peruvian Amazon

"Sometimes e dey reach months and even plenti years before one priest go fit come di community to celebrate di Eucharist, offer di sacrament of reconciliation or anoint pipo wey dey sick," di synod document tok.

Three out of five bishops for di synod come from di nine Amazon kontris, AFP tori pipo note am.

Under di synod proposal, wey 128 pipo pass for vote, married "men wit beta records" fit join di priesthood for di remote parts of di region.

Pipo wey dey support di change argue say no be say dem wan change di rule of celibacy but dis wan go be exemption like di one wey dem don alreadi do for married Anglican pastors wey wan convert to Catholic.

Archbishop of Benevento, Cardinal Michael Czerny explain for press conference about di decision afta dem end di synod meeting say: "Tins need to change.

"We no fit dey repeat old response to solve problem wey dey urgent and expect say we go get beta result dan wetin we don dey get so far."

By di end of di year, dem dey expect make Pope Francis chook mouth for di mata.