Visa to Nigeria: Immigration wan introduce new visa for pipo abroad wey wan retire inside di kontri

Mohammed Babandede
Wetin we call dis foto,

Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, Mohammed Babandede

Nigerian Immigration Service don tok say dem go introduce new visa categories as part of dia new reform.

Comptroller General of Immigration, Mohammad Babandede na im tok dis and di categories na tourist, investors and pipo wey wan retiree to Nigeria.

Na during di 2019 Comptroller General of Immigration annual conference wey happun dis weekend for Benin, Southern Nigeria na im oga Babandede make dis announcement.

Dis one mean say Nigeria Immigration Service go Start to dey issue visas to retiree wey dey live abroad.

"If you get money, genuine money, we go dey encourage visitors wey get brain to assist in building manpower inside Nigeria.

"If di visa no go break national security, good economy, we go encourage am to hapun n a transparent way to cut corruption." Oga Babandede add.

Di Comptroller General of Nigerian Immigration Service also tok say di recent border closure don help fight illegal migration for Nigeria.

Oga Babandede tok say dia records show say dem don stop around 11,000 pipo wey wan comot di kontri without passport.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigerian Immigration Service

For June 2019 Nigeria introduce new electronic passport wey get ten years life span wit ogbonge security feature like self tracking application.

Di passport get three part, di one wey all Nigerians dey use, di diplomatic one and di one for government officials

Di one for diplomats and goment officals, go dey available from di di 1st of June dis year.

Na 2018 di NIS oga announce say Nigeria go begin dey use dis new passport by December 2018.

Babandele tok say di new passport wit 32 page go cost N25,000 and $130 abroad, while di 64 page own wit five years expiration time go cost N35,000 and $150 abroad.

Di 64 page new passport wit 10 years validity go cost N70,000 for Nigeria and $230 abroad.

Di NIS oga also say di old passport go still dey work wit di new passport.