Minimum wage in Nigeria: Govnors say salary adjustment go depend on di state money

Governor Kaduna

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/@GovKaduna

Nigeria Governors' Forum don tok say di payment of di minimum wage adjustment way goment agree on go dey determined by di money di state dey make.

Dis one dey come after Federal Executive Council order say make di states pay di minimum wage and di adjustment before di end of di year.

Di Chairman of di Forum and di Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, tell tori pipo for Abuja say federal goment no fit force states to abide di adjustment.

Im add say di governors wan pay di moni but each state go look at di moni wey dey come inside and how many civil servants dey dia payroll. Im also tok say di state go follow dia state trade union pipo negotiate di mata as it fit di state.

On Friday 18 October, 2019 leaders of di Nigeria Labour Congress and federal goment representatives finally agree salary adjustment for N30,000 minimum wage afta days of serious tok-tok.

Federal civil service workers on grade level 07 to 17 go now get between 14 and 23 percent salary increase while those wey dey on special salary aka CONHES, CONRRISE, CONTISS etc get between 23.2 and 10.5 percent for di same grade levels, according to di agreement.

Before di agreement workers union bin dey demand 29 per cent increase for workers wey dey collect salary wey pass N30,000 and those wey dey on grade level 11 to 17 for civil service.

30,000 Naira minimum wage become law for Nigeria since April 2019 but di tok tok na to see how senior civil servants go enjoy di package.

All di states go gats implement dis adjustment for state civil service level by di end of di year.