Ann Grace Aguti: One woman marry three husbands at once


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Payment of a bride price dey common for many cultures around di world

One woman dey trend for social media sake of her decision to marry three men at once.

Ann Grace Aguti wey be 36 years marry three men Richard Alich, John Peter Oluka and Michael Enyaku, all di men dey live for di same compound.

Local tori pipo, New Vision, na im break di news afta Aguti father, Pastor Peter Ogwang mobilise family members to evict her husband daughter.

Aguti, wey dey six months pregnant don give three out of di seven huts for her compound to di three men. Tori bin say Aguti bin get plenty men for her house before but she pursue some sake of "indiscipline."

Aguti don react to her father attempt to evict her husband dem, she say: "I bin marry before, di way my village pipo want. But my desire na to get husband wey go love me, wey go fit provide everything wey I need. My husband useless and na me be breadwinner. Wen I leave am, I start to find dat special pesin, but I neva find dat pesin yet even now, I gatz feed di men dem, and so di my search go continue!"

Some of Aguti husbands don tok how dem meet for Uganda. Alich, na retired police officer with 10 grown-up children im say im meet Aguti when she bin dey return home from Brac Uganda, Ngora branch, where she process one loan.

"Her bicycle come get problem, so im help her repair am. Na from dia one tin lead to anoda tin na so I find myself here. I dey stay for dat hut,"na wetin Alich tok

Anoda of her husband Oluka, wey from di same village with her tell New Vision say im know say Aguti get plenty men.

"I meet her for swamp wia I dey graze my cow and joke with her make to take me as one of her husband- and na so she take give me one hut," na wetin im tok.

"We dey live well now for close to one year without problem. I no get problem with my my co-husbands. We get agreement among us and na say mummy (Aguti) na im go determine di (sex) roster and her decision dey final,"na wetin Oluka add put.