Koton-Karfe prison break: We neva confam di number of prisoner wey escape - PRO

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja

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Early mor-mor rain for Kogi state north central Nigeria don collapse Koton-Karfe prison leading to di escape of plenti prisoners.

Tok Tok pesin for di Prison Service (Correctional Centre) for Kogi state, Nihi Sesan wey confam di incident to BBC News pidgin say di rain bin fall di fence and later come break some of di building wey di house di inmates.

E explain say right now, e no fit confam di number of inmates wey run but local tori pipo put di figure for above 200 hundred.

E say a combine team of Army, DSS, police di work togeda to ensure dat dem re-arrest all those prisoners wey don run comot.

Meanwhile Police tok tok pesin say Williams Ovye Aya follow confam di incident too say police plus some local hunters and vigilante pipo dem don re-arrest about 31 of di inmates dem back to prison.

Meanwhile oga Nihi, say dia major work now na to relocate di remaining prisoners to oda correctional facilities for di state and dat na tomorrow n aim dem fit confam how many pipo run plus how many dem don re-arrest.