Kontri pipo di doubt injection for fight cervical cancer, but WHO di give assurance

Trust for vaccination dey low around di world

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Cameroon health ministry last moon announce say deh go introduce injection for virus weh e di cause cancer for injection programme since den discussions di go up and down

Kontri pipo and parents di catch cold since weh goment announce say deh wan put injection for prevent wit Human Papillomavirus HPV for injection programme.

Dis injection na for stop cancer for woman e private part, and na for pikin dem from 9-14 years weh deh nova know man pikin. Cameroon choose for inject girl pikin dem for nine years.

But since weh ministry announce for number 2 day for September say deh go do campaign before deh launch de injection for number 27 day for November plenty cloud dey for pipo dia heads.

Francis Herve Eyalla Saba president for consumers network, RNC signal ministry of health say deh get about 300 complaints from parents.

"Parents wan know more about de kana vaccine weh deh go use, side effects, make goment tok more make deh know", RNC tok.

As tok di go up and down about dis injection, World Health Organisation, WHO for Yaoundé komot release for confirm say deh di support goment for dis injection weh deh wan add for Expanded Programme of Immunisation, EPI.

WHO say bad informate di spoil de progress weh deh don make for use injection stop some disease weh deh fit stop'am laik measles, polio and odas.

"We wan confirm say injection na safe and correct way for stop HPV weh e di cause cervical cancer".

Na about 100 types for HPV dey, 14 di cause cancer, but na number 16 and 18 di cause seventy percent for cancer for woman dem.

For 2018 for de whole world 570,000 cases for cervical cancer dey but for Cameroon na statistics for nearly 20 years show say 2000 woman dem di die because of cervical cancer, WHO tok.

For African na 17 countries don add dis injection for dia programme. Even wen kontris put dis injection for programme deh get for screen woman dem for check early signs as deh fit treat cancer weh just start.

Big problem for cervical cancer na say plenti woman dem di go hospital wen deh cancer don reach stage weh e di hard for treat'am.