Accra Floods: Small rain noor Accra-Tema motorway too start dey flood

  • Favour Nunoo
  • BBC News Pidgin, Ghana
Flood for Ghana

Wia dis foto come from, KwameAnim/Twitter

Ghanaians for social media say dem taya pass sake of ryders flood come make like ritual if de rain fall.

For de first time in forever de Accra-Tema Motorway saf no escape de floods as videos show how floods cut off de roads.

Motorists no fit cross some portions of de road sake of de floods, dis create massive traffic for de motorway top which never happen before.

Ghana Police issue alert sake of de motorway incident so say people no go try use that highway.

Dem explain say sake of de downpour wey happen Monday 28th October, Motorists who dey use that stretch for make careful den reduce dema speed limit.

Early dis year two military officers die for de Accra-Tema motorway top after de floods carry dema vehicle whilst dem dey drive for de motorway top.

See how some Ghanaians react to de floods

Some Ghanaians believe say de issue of flooding no for be de responsibility of just political leaders, behavioural change like poor refuse disposal too dey cause floods so people for change dema attitudes.