Wetin be IPPIS and why ASUU say na 'anarchy' e go cause for di kontri

Prof Biodun Ogunyemi

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/ASUU

Wetin we call dis foto,

National president of ASUU Prof Biodun Ogunyemi

Nigeria university lecturers don reject federal goment plan to put dem inside di Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) but why dis don cause strong kwanta between ASUU and FG?

Di answer fit lie for di reason why di Nigeria goment say dem need to do am and why ASUU believe dis system no fit work for dem.

But first e dey important to note say di IPPIS - wey be central account for federal goment hand - na di way dem don already dey pay dia Ministries Department and Agencies workers.

As at 2016, Nigeria say 755,422 workers dey on IPPIS, so e no be new tin.

Wetin dey new be say di federal goment wan include university academic staff inside IPPIS, something wey ASUU don reject.

Wetin Federal Goment tok?

IPPIS, according to di department website, na im dey responsible for dis five tins:

  • Management of di records of federal goment workers
  • Payment of salary and wages to federal goment workers
  • Deductions of taxes and oda third party payments
  • Remittance of payroll deductions to third party
  • Enrolment of workers into IPPIS database

Nigeria don claim from time to time say dis system go epp dem to save money because ghost workers no fit register on IPPIS. In fact on di official federal goment website, Nigeria say dem don save N273,809,842,071.99 between 2017 and 2018.

For 2016, goment make am clear say federal universities go las las dey part of di system and even National Universities Commission (NUC) oga Prof. Abubakar Rasheed praise IPPIS say na di "best way to overcome some of di challenges wey universities dey face".

Recently, local media bin report say Nigeria goment don decide say dem no go pay ASUU salary until dem accepts di system.

Wetin ASUU take reply?

Di lecturers joinbodi say dem go strike if dia October salary no enter.

On Tuesday 29 October, ASUU use dia official twitter account to tok why dem don reject IPPIS.

First dem say e dey illegal because Nigeria dey protect how universities dey operate.

From time, universities all across di world dey special as dem dey operate like small goment, wit dia own senate and governing council.

But ASUU say IPPIS go create katakata and "block di growth and development of Nigeria."

Instead di joinbodi say dem go do dia own system wey all universities go use.