Ground don slide bury twenty pipo for Bafoussam West region

Land slide for Bafoussam West region

Wia dis foto come from, Dimitri Kaute

Na for night wen pipo di sleep weh ground just di slip laik 'nkelenge-nkelenge' cover some pipo for inside dia houses for Ngouache, for Bafoussam III council.

Search di go on for West Cameroon block 6 Ngouache for Bafoussam III for wusai ground slid kill twenty pipo, one lucky pesin dey for hospital.

Fear na say plenti oda die bodi idem still dey under de ground as deh di still search and na afta weh deh fit komot de number weh ground bury, Governor for West region Awa Fonka Augustin tok for national radio.

Awa Fonka suggest say na heavy rain cause de slid, weh e affect 11 houses weh deh bin deh for de area.

Governor say de area bi dangerous and deh go get for komot pipo weh eh di live for dat side.

Some residents for ground say one Anglophone family weh deh run crisis for Northwest region fit also don die.

George Elanga Obam, minister for decentralisation and local development weh e bin di pass for West region go for se area and e donate FCFA 25million for Bafoussam council.