Bafoussam Landslide: President Biya send sorry message, die bodi dem reach 42

Paul Biya

Wia dis foto come from, ISSOUF SANOGO

Cameroon president, Paul Biya for night, send sorry message for families for Bafoussam landslide.

For number 29 day weh ground fall cover plenti pipo for 11 houses afta heavy rain for Ngouache Bafoussam III for West Cameroon.

President Biya send sorry message for governor for West region tok as e sorry plenti as landslide kill kontri pipo, spoil houses dem.

"Me and ma woman di wish make deh pipo weh deh dey hospital hear beta quick, we sorry heart di go for de families dem weh dia pipo die" President Biya tok.

Rain for evening force rescue workers for stop for search as authorities say some pipo still di miss.

Minister for territorial administration, Paul Atanga Nji weh count de die bodi for hospital and just now 42 pipo die, 6 (six) man pikin dem, 10 woman dem (four get belle), 15 girl and 11 boy pikin dem.

Atanga Nji say goment di take care for de 8 lucki pipo weh deh dey komot alife and authorities go meet again for send report for Prime Minister.

Some kontri pipo say climate change commission for kontri, for September dis year bi don send warning for place weh landslide fit bi laik for West region and kontri pipo di wanda why goment no bin act.

Just now kontri pipo di continue for react for social media how dia heart dey wit de pipo for Bafoussam.