Supreme Court: Atiku tweet to 'disappoint' pipo wey tink say dem don break im spirit

Atiku Abubakar

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Nigeria main oppositon presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar don react to di Supreme Court judgement wey troway im appeal against di re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari.

"Pipo wey tink say dem don break my spirit, sorry to disappoint you. My mind too dey on Nigeria to tink about mysef. I give dat one up twenty years ago. Di question no be weda my spirit break. Di question na weda Nigeria weda Nigeria well?"

Na wetin Atiku post for tweet im write hours afta Wednesday judgement.

Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad wey lead di seven-man panel to hear the appeal say "e lack merit."

"Dis no be di time to tok too much. E good make I remind Nigeria say we be independent nation and our destiny dey our hand. And wey fit destroy am, and God forbid make dat kain tin happun." Atiku add.

Din kontri main opposition candidate quote tori of two and a half millennia ago wem Sophocles say "If we want keep our democracy den we suppose get one commandment: "Thou shalt not ration justice." Nigeria go do well to observe dis warning.

Di Supreme Court na di final bus stop for di Buhari vs Atika mata as e concern di February presidential election.

Happiness, sadness plus vex, all na di reactions wey follow di judegement wey confam President Muhammadu Buhari victory for di February 2019 election.

PDP lawyers no agree wit Supreme Court judgement, but dem no go say much until dem hear di reason why court take dat decision.

PDP lead council say, "dem don do dia best, di rest dey for hand of Nigerians.

"Unless dem do sometin drastically to election legal system for dis kontri, problem go dey. E don dey obvious say petitioners go always find am difficult to prosecute dia case."

APC leadership jubilate wit di court decision. Chairman of di party Adams Oshiomole say, as Supreme Court don decide, "dis na di last bus stop."

Oga Oshio also say im appreciate say dia opponent Atiku Abubakar decide to use legal means to express im complain.

Nigerians dey react

Oda Nigerians for social media dey tok dia mind on top di judgement of di Supreme Court.