How Anglophone crisis di make pipo pay four taims de amount for travel

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon
Akum road

Wia dis foto come from, Colbert Nkwain

Anglophone crisis don make kontri pipo di pay four taims de amount weh deh bi di pay before for travel and e don make some pipo no di even travel at all.

De crisis start for 2016 and e don affect how pipo di travel for seka de high cost plus plenti risk for travel especially for Northwest region.

Godbless travel from Tatum to Bamenda and e tori BBC News Pidgin how e hard now for travel for seka de high moni for transport.

"Ah take motor-cycle from Tatum kam reach for Kumbo, FCFA 5000, pay motor from kumbo for go reach Bamenda FCFA 10,000".

"Before wit FCFA 1000 we di pay motor for komot Tatum kam for Kumbo, about half distance for komot Kumbo reach Bamenda, 110km na FCFA 2500."

"Dis situation be really terrible for we now as e di drain de small moni weh we get, if e bi difficult for move 2500 dat taim, and now weh ah di move 2500 four taim you know how de tin bad".

Martha (no bi e real name) say de transport moni high so na because driver get to settle separatist fighters and gendarmes for road.

"Wen we komot Jakiri, for go Bamenda, ah pay Fcfa 11,000 wit ma cargo. Wen we reach Bamenda driver tell me say dat moni weh ah pay finish for control".

Separatist (amba boys) dia check point no get anyting weh e di show say na for here, but dey boys deh di stand for road wit guns weh deh hide dia face.

If driver no pay deh fit spoil e motor and sometaims drivers di beg say deh go pay afta if deh nova get de moni.

Just now because moni for pay motor don high, pipo no di travel plenti again, motor dem di carry na plenti cargo now as pipo prefer for pay send tins instead for travel.

Wen de boys hear say security forces dia control di kam, deh di run enta for bush, but some tiams deh di surprise and kill dem, dis traveller tell BBC News pidgin.

Wia dis foto come from, Reinnier Kaze

Driver (e no wan make e call e name) weh e di transport passengers from Kumbo to Bamenda say deh di take four taims de moni for transport because deh get for settle gendarme and amba boys for road. E say na more than 10 controls dem both amba boys and gendarmes.

"If we no give moni for gendarmes or amba boys deh no go let we pass, and if passengers no pay we no also get moni for give control".

Also, Bamenda-Bambui drivers say deh don complain for seka about seven control for dis area.

Dey claim say governor for Northwest don tell dem say if deh gree for work for Mondays weh na kontri Sunday e go tok make de reduce controls for road.

BBC News Pidgin call governor for Northwest make tok about dis controls dem but e nova pick e call. Some activists say amba boys di take moni because na dem bi goment for de pipo.

Apart from high cost de problem wit dis kana journey na say you fit reach for road deh say boys dem do stop motor for waka and you bi force for remain for place. Risk for kidnap pesin too high but we don put wa life for God e hand, Martha tok.

"De situation for Northwest di make we fear anytin, rat for house, you no bi safe and you no know weti fit happen for you de next minute", Godbless tok.

You no fit just open your mop you tok any-how for any place, you no know who bi for your corner, who bi for or against, e bi very dangerous and na only God di survive we, e add.

Only prayers fit end dis crisis. Kontri pipo di prayer di ask say make God make de two parties deh reason make peace kam back for de regions.