First ‘certified’ Cameroon blood bank na for make sure say blood bi safe

Blood bank for Cameroon

Wia dis foto come from, US Embassy

Cameroon Yaoundé Central Hospital don get first international qualified blood bank for kontri and e go fit also helep central Africa.

Na African Society of Blood Transfusion Step-Wise Accreditation Programme give Yaoundé Central Hospital blood bank de step 1 authorisation.

"Cameroonians fit bi sure say blood weh deh di get from Yaoundé central hospital bi safe and respect international standards", Doctor Emily Director for Centre for Disease Control, CDC tell BBC News pidgin.

Just now "Central hospital blood bank fit train oda blood banks for kontri for also bi certified", CDC Director add.

Wia dis foto come from, US Embassy

Wetin we call dis foto,

Yaounde Central hospital blood bank

American embassy afta de centre open, encourage health ministry and national transfusion service for apply system for manage quality blood so dat deh fit open oda correct blood banks dem for kontri.

America dia Centres for disease control and prevention di helep for make sure say Cameroon get good labs and correct safe blood programmes dem.

Dis wan na through American President e emergency plan for relief aid, de same programme weh e helep Yaoundé centre hospital for open standard blood bank.