Lagos House Rent: 10 tins you need to know about goment plan to end house rent mago-mago

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If you dey find house wey no cost for Lagos, most of dem dey for di mainland area of di state

Goment for Nigeria commercial capital - Lagos don announce new electronic platform to take end di mago-mago wey plenti residents dey suffer for di real estate industry.

Dis e-platform go allow pesin wey wan buy land, house or rent property to go ontop di website and search for agents and landlords wey dey certified by the goment.

Govnor Babajide Sanwo-Olu goment say na di programme dey needed because rent and property magomago don too plenty.

According to statement wey Lagos state goment release, property owners, agents and tenants go get website wia dem fit do legal bizness without fear say cheating or fraud go enta am.

"Na like 268 pipo na im one estate agent dupe for Ketu-Alepere… and about one month ago, anoda one dupe 70 pipo for Gbagada ontop 5-bedroom house," according to Special Adviser to Lagos govnor on Housing madam Toke Benson-Awoyinka ontop why e dey important for goment to chook hand.

"On Sunday RRS (Rapid Response Squad) officers parade five men, wey bin try to defraud one man of N4.5million, so wit all dis wey dey happun, dis na di time for goment to come in and regulate di industry."

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Hon. Toke Benson-Awoyinka say Lagos State serious about dia plan to end housing fraud palava

Madam Benson-Awoyinka tell BBC on Thursday say agents and landlords go need to show goment say dem no get mago-mago way as dem go do inspection of business and collect important personal information carry put inside central database.

She also tok about how di practice of loading - wey be di jara, agents dey put ontop price of house rents - dey cause confusion for di real estate industry and how e no make tins balance.

Dis loading na also one of di tins wey Lagos goment wan end.

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Dis na 10 tins to sabi about Lagos plan to end real estate magomago

  • Di website go launch fully for December 2019
  • Tenants and land buyers fit use di website to search for certified agents and landlords
  • E go cost like N50,000/year for agents and landlords to register.
  • E dey compulsory for anybodi wey wan practice for real estate for Lagos to register
  • E go get 'Rent Tribunal' for pipo to report any case of magomago
  • For tenants/buyers wey use di platform, goment go epp to carry pipo wey wan play dem wayo go court
  • E go prevent estate agents to do illegal tins - for instance dem no go fit charge pass 10% of tenancy rate (or in di case wey di agents reach two, 15%) as e dey against di law

E no dey clear if dis e-platform go solve all di housing problem for Lagos wey get pass 22 milion pipo dey live inside but e go epp well well.

For instance, landlords wey dey force two-year rent ontop new tenants (even though di state law say make e no pass one year), go face 'Rent Tribunal' wey bi like court wia tenants fit carry complain go.

She encourage Lagos residents to use di platform to avoid sad tori for future.

Madam Awoyinka say dis na for di benefit of Lagos residents and say many of di agents don already say dem don dey wait make goment come do dis platform.

Na dis make Lagos State goment confident say di whole plan go reduce fraud cases for di state well well.