Man wey use cat to attack police fit chop five years for prison

An angry cat (stock photo)

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

One man wey dem accuse say use cat as weapon to attack one police officer dey face up to five years for prison, according to tori pipo.

Tori be say di suspect, wey im name na Gennady Shcherbakov, shake and throw di cat wen di police come in house.

Di officer wey, bin dey respond to noise complain from neighbours get "serious scratch" for im face.

Oga Shcherbakov wey be 59 years dey face criminal charges of violence against police.

Dem open di case on Wednesday, more dan half a year afta di incident happun, according to wetin Telegram channel report.

Wetin dem claim say happun?

According to Russian broadcaster Ren TV, on 4 October 2018 Oga Shcherbakov bin dey sitdon in front of stairwell for one residential building for Russia capital Moscow.

Dem claim say im been dey drink heavily.

Tori be say neighbours raise alarm of pesin dey disturb di area, but wen one police enter di house oga Shcherbakov no gree co-operate or ansa any kwesion, na wetin Ren TV report.

Oga Shcherbakov dey face accuse say im grab cat wey dey near am come troway for di officer bodi.

Tori be say di cat hang for di officer face, come use im claws scratch di officer for face.

But Oga Shcherbakov, wey dey live for di house wia di incident happun, deny say im use di cat as weapon and claim say di cat jump ontop di officer by imself.

Na under Article 318 dem take look di case wey dem cite use of violence against a public official.

E no dey clear why e take dem one year to open di criminal case or tok wetin happun to di cat.