Trafficking in Abuja: I dey sleep wit 15 men every day to pay my Madam

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja
One of di girls bin used

Imagine a 15-year-old girl wey dey for street dey sleep wit 15 men every day to pay her trafficker.

Dis na di kain horror wey Ngozi (no be her real name) face for several months for one hotel for Lugbe area of Abuja.

Ngozi land for ashawo job afta her village neighbour for Anambra State promise her job to epp her pay her school fees if she fit come to Abuja.

"My madam go ask me to wear short skirt and blouse to hustle. I sleep wit 15 men for one thousand naira each to pay my madam," she tok.

National Agency for di Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP tok say e reach 75 percent of girls dem like Ngozi wey bad pipo don traffic for ashawo work from one state to anoda within Nigeria.

Mercy (no be her real name) na one of dem. She too tell BBC Pidgin say dem trick am come di same hotel for Lugbe area of Abuja.

She say afta she don work for months for her madam, she come decide to run comot but her madam catch her, come use razor tear -tear her bodi.

Ashawo house for pikin dem boku for Lugbe area

Di area where dis hotel dey for Lugbe area of Abuja, na wan poor rural community. Di area no get any beta road but plenti kpako hotel full everiwia.

BBC Pidgin reporter visit one of dis hotels where plenti girls dey where skimpy dresses and some area boys bin dey outside dey smoke Igbo.

Di reporter pretend say im get small, small girls wey she wan bring come work for di hotel. Di person wey di reporter meet dia say make she just take one room and go bring di girls wey im wan take work for di room.

Di person tell BBC Pidgin reporter say make she pay ten thousand naira every week for di room. Demo come tell BBC reporter say if di girls wey im bring come do ashewo work na underage, she go dem tell di girls say make she dey put her age as 20 years or above.

Wia dis foto come from, BBC

Wetin dem tell BBC Pidgin reporter be say di girls wey she bring come do ashawo work go dey pay am between ten and fifteen thousand naira every day as dem dey work.

Oga kpata- of Nigeria anti trafficking agency Naptip, Julie Okah-Donli tell BBC Pidgin say di number of small, small girls dem wey dey suffer sexual exploitation for Nigeria plenti.

"As long as men dey patronise ashawo house, small small girls go kontinu to be victim of sexual abuse," she tell BBC Pidgin.

She say di agency don raid some hotel where pikin ashawo dey work and close dem down plus take di owners dem to court.

As dem dey go court, di agency also still dey epp small small girls wey dem rescue from such hotels. Ngozi and Mercy plus plenti other girls wey di agency don rescue dey for one shelter for Abuja where dem dey learn hand work.