Why I wan continue di business - Chairmo of Kano 'torture houses'

Alhaji Ibrahim Sharifai
Image example Alhaji Ibrahim Sharifai

Alhaji Ibrahim Sharifai wey be chairmo for Association of Islamic Reform Centres wey many pipo dey call torture houses tell BBC Pidgin for interview say e wan continue di rehab business despite di stigma and everything wey pipo dey yan becos na im family heritage for 200 years now.

Alhaji Ibrahim wey get Alhajiji Mai Mari centre for Sharifai area for Kano tok say na afta Police discover di first one for Kaduna na im e direct all im members wey get similar schools to free dia students from chains and make dem release dem.

"My own school don exist for over 200 years, my great great grandfather na im start am and na place wey mostly parents and relatives dey bring dia pipo wey get serious issue, like drug addiction and oda criminality. Over di years we don reform thousands of pipo."

"In my own case e don tay wey i stop to dey use chains for my students and after Police discover dat Kaduna centre, we hold meeting wia I direct all our members to release dia students from chains and allow dem go dia house before di raid go enter Kano and I dey happy say all of dem comply, no single centre dey use chains and torture now."

Alhaji Ibrahim say na afta e release all im students for fear of raid na im most of dem come back to am by themselves because dem dey enjoy to stay with am.

Image example Alhaji Ibrahim Sharifai wit some of im students

"Afta I release everybody, after few days many of dem come back becos dem prefer to stay with me, i no dey beat or torture dem in any way and dem dey eat well."

Di chairmo say im centre dey registerd woth all di necessary goment agencies and dat dem don write Kano goment on why di centres dey necessary and make goment put hand for how dem wan dem to run di centres.

"I be law abiding citizen and as I show you my school get many registrations, so wetin we write to goment na for dem to tell us how to run di place to go with modern practise because we dey necessary for society wey get many addictions and evils."

Las Las, Alhaji Ibrahim yan say as e inherit di business from im papa e go wan make im own children continue di family business wey dey bring money and also help di society to reform pipo wey fit become major problem.

"As I dey tok to you, my children don already dey di business, na dem dey help me take care of di place. And on issue of money, me I no dey put fixed price, whatever parents or relatives fit afford I dey collect. Then monthly feeding for di students na from N20,000k every month."

Alhaji Ibrahim say dis kain centres dey 20 for di whole of Kano.

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