Indonesian man wey dey help set strict adultery laws don chop cane sake of say im commit adultery

Aceh Ulema Council (MPU) member Mukhlis react as dem flog am for public by one member of di Sharia police for Banda Aceh on October 31, 2019 Image copyright AFP
Image example Aceh Ulema Council (MPU) member Mukhlis react as dem punish am for public

One Indonesian man - wey dey work for organisation wey dey help draft strict laws for pipo wey commit adultery - chop cane publicly sake of say dem catch am dey get affair with married woman.

Dem flog Mukhlis bin Muhammad of di Aceh Ulema Council (MPU) 28 times.

Dem flog di woman wey im get affair with 23 times.

Mukhlis come from di ogbonge conservative Aceh region, di only place for Indonesia wey still dey practise strict Islamic law, Sharia.

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Gay sex and gambling for that area for Aceh go make persin chop cane.

"Dis na God's law. Anyone wey dey guilty go chop flogging, even if im be member of di MPU," Husaini Wahab, di deputy mayor of Aceh Besar district, where Mukhlis dey live, tok give BBC News Indonesia.

Officials dem catch di couple in September for inside car wey dem park near one tourist beach.

Dem flog dem on Thursday. Mr Husaini add am say dem go expel Mukhlis from di MPU.

Di 46-year-old also na Islamic religious leader. Im go be di first religious leader wey dem go flog publicly for Aceh since Sharia law come into force for 2005.

Di MPU advise di local goment and legislature on how dem go dey draft and implement Sharia law for Aceh.

Dem don give Aceh pecial rights to introduce im own stricter Islamic laws more than one decade ago.

Dem pass laws wey dey against homosexuality for 2014 and dem begin effect am di following year.

Extra-marital sex, gambling, and di consumption, production and distribution of alcohol dey illegal under Sharia law.

For 2017, Dem flog two men 83 times for Aceh after dem catch dem dey have sex.

Dem dey make di canes wey dem dey use from ratan and pipo wey dey flog dem, dem cover all dia body apart from dia eyes, make dem for no identify dem.

Di flogging must to be public for open air platform, though dem ban children to dey watch am.

Sharia law na for Muslims and non-Muslims for Aceh.

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