South Africa celebrate rugby world cup win ova England

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Image example Fans for viewing centre for Johannesburg cry and hug each other wen di game end

South Africans don begin celebrate afta dia rugby team beat England 32-12 for di world cup final for Japan.

Di victory unda Siya Kolisi, di team first black captain, na symbolic moment for Springboks.

For 1995, former President Nelson Mandela celebrate for podium with captain Francois Pienaar afta dia first world cup win.

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Dis go be di third time wey di Springboks don win di trophy wey go match New Zealand record.

For di final whistle, fans for viewing centre wey dey South Africa main city Johannesburg dey shout Kolisi name, according to wetin BBC reporter Milton Nkosi use im eye see.

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa, wey dey Japan for di final, tweet say: "We be di champions."

"We dey grateful to di pipo of South Africa," Kolisi tok afta di match.

"We get plenti problem for our kontri. [Di team] come from different background and different race and we join together with one goal and we wan achieve am.

"I hope say we don do am for South Africa, to show say we fit pull together if we wan achieve sometin."

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Image example Siya Kolisi lead di Springboks to dia third world cup win

'Not be just win for pitch'

Milton Nkosi, BBC News, Johannesburg

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Pipo begin shout and sing, as dem try to bring back di spirit of 1995 wen South Africa win di world cup for di very first time. And today we dey chant captain Siya Kolisi name.

Celebrations go enter night- across townships, cities and villages - becos di win no be just for pitch, no be just about rugby. na about di social join bodi wey di kontri still dey try achieve for 25 years afta apartheid don end.

Dis go bring di whole nation together even as di economy no too dey do well, unemployment rate don almost reach 30% and corruption don become high profile problem. But di victory go lift pipo spirit and allow dem for one day to forget all di bad bad things.

Fans rejoice across di country

South Africans don begin tweet dia reaction. One fan for Johannesburg dey shout with joy on top di sound of vuvuzelas, or horns, wey dem dey play for dia neighbourhood.

Fans dey celebrate for Cape Town, according to di video wey dey dis tweet dem film am for viewing centre when di referee blow di final whistle:

Fans for anoda venue for Cape Town begin sing Shosholoza, song wey dem gold miners bin sing originally wey don turn unofficial national anthem for sport fans for di kontri.

For anoda bar for di city, one England fan wey stand alone dey look local pipo dey celebrate dia victory.

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