Balogun Market Fire
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Balogun market fire: Wetin you suppose sabi about Lagos Island market fire

Afta five hours wey fire don dey burn for one popular big market for Lagos island, fire fighters don manage quench one of di building wey dey on fire but di second storey building still burn.

Di fire start around 10 O'clock on Tuesday morning for Balogun market inside Lagos state southwest Nigeria now.

Looters dey ground to tiff tins from some part of di building and some shop owners wey still fit enta dia shop dey try comot dia goods make e for no burn, according to BBC tori pesin Andrew Gift.

Balogun Market Fire start from 6th Floor of one building near di Madilas plaza area.

Image example Map of di area wia di fire happun

Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA say nobody die or wunjure for di fire and nobody dey trapped inside di buildings,

Di team don locate di major source of di fire and in few minutes dem go quench am.

Di fire happen for shops wey dey for di Mandillas side of di market and burn down market wares and shops.

LASEMA togeda with federal fire service, Lagos state fire service and security agencies don dey on ground about one hour ago to o help control di fire and maintain peace and oda for di area.

Right now dem don activate di sky lift as e be say di fire dey burn for di 6th floor of di one commercial building for Balogun market for Lagos Island.

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