Bad roads in Nigeria: Madaka town get Gold boku but dem never get road for more than 100 years

Image example Di women say dem no fit sell dia farm produce sake of bad road

Wen pregnant woman wan born pikin, joy dey full ground brekete. But for women of Madaka village, na sorrow, nightmare and heartbreak.

Na sake of di hardship and pain wey dem dey suffer because road no dey dis village to cari dem go hospital on time wen dem dey labour. Di villagers say dem don loss plenti women and pikin sake of dia road condition.

Madaka Road na di only major road wey connect Kagara di council headquarters and Madaka village.

Di road dey link seven community and dem be: Mgwa Magaba , Kompani, Rubo junction, Nafsira, Shikira, Wayam, and di last na Madaka village.

Niger State na di biggest state for north central Nigeria and di capital na Minna, wit oda major cities like Bida, Kontagora, and Suleja.

For 1800 colonial masters bin visit di land and live around Madaka because of di gold wey dey di area and for 1946 wen gold price reduce, dem leave di area.

For 1976 dem come create di state and name am afta river Niger and di area na home to Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, two of Nigeria's former military rulers.

Many od dem say dia girl pikin dem di face danger because of di long distance wey dem di follow go market
Image example Madaka women say dia lives dey in danger sake of di bad road

Hajara Kadama na one of di victims, two years ago she loss her pikin sake of di road condition.

" As labour start, dem put me on top bike"

"Each time we reach for any river, i go drop from bike, dem go put me on top matras and put me and di matras on top canoe to cross to di oda side",

" We cross four rivers dis way and sake of di hardship, by di time i reach hospital, doctors no fit save my pikin" she expalin.

Di boys di collect 200 naira each
Image example Some of di rivers, you gatz pay boys to ferry your bik

Since den she neva fit born anoda pikin and she neva recover from di heartbreak.

na di first river to cross before you begin your journey
Image example Pikin dem di play for Alhaji Bako river

Why pregnant women dey die inside river?

Di villagers gatz cross four rivers wey be Alhaji Bako, Luga, Wayam and den Nafsira and non of di rivers get bridge.

And sake of say di road bad, na only okada di move for di road pass especially for rainy season.

So many women during labour dey take dia eye see fire on top di long Isrealite journey wey dem di pass through.

Di road na just 33 kilometre but neva see construction work on top am
Image example Madaka road during dry season-for rainy season potopoto dey full everi wia

"Dis long journey dey make di women quick tire and because of dem dey feel plenti contraction and deley dey, dia wom fit burst open and push out di pikin out"

"Dia womb fit rupture and wen doctors wan do operation, both mama and pikin fit die and all di crossing of river fit pass infection to di pikin and kill am" dis na wetin Dr. Fred Achem wey be woman doctor tok.

Dem want goment to take action
Image example Pipo for Madaka na farmers and e dey hard dem to sell dia kaya sake of no road

"We dey face plenti danger sake of no road and if you see di pain our women dey go through to born pikin, you go cry."

"Even to get basic house item for food e dey hard. even di price salt dey high for our village"Aliyu Garba lament.

Dem di waka all day and night to get to dia destination
Image example Women for di area di cross five rivers before dem reach Kagara

Wetin goment don do?

Di first and only attempt to construct road or repair di Madaka road na for 1985 during dey military regime.

Abdullahi Usman Kantago wey be local chief for di area say den di military regime bin expand dey road but dem no put coal tar and dat since den, no goment don chook eye to repair di road.

Na bike and leg be di only means of transport
Image example Na for only dry season na im car dey fit pass through di water

Di pipo say dem don write tire to di govnor, e neva do anytin.

na only dry season na im motor fit dey pass di area
Image example For rainy season Wayam river dey reach di women for neck

Wen we reach out to di commissioner of works, Engr Ibrahim Muhammad Panti, e say im know say di road dey bad and dat di pipo na big farmers and dem need beta road to cari dia kaya go market but dem gatz push to make sure say goment do dia road.

Until den, Hajara and di oda women go kontinu to pay di supreme price to give birth to new life.

Nigeria bad road challenge

Babatunde Raji Fashola (Left) and Bad condition of Port Harcourt Aba express road for Southern Nigeria (Right) Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Bad road follow dey contribute to many road accidents wey dey happpun for Nigeria.

Many Nigerians and di kontri Minister of Works and Housing Minister Babatunde Raji Fashola dey do 'gbas gbos' on top bad (federal) roads.

Fashola bin yan on Wednesday afta di goment weekly Federal Executive Council meeting inside Aso Rock, say Nigerian roads no dey as bad as pipo dey tok am.

Since di Minister yan dis mata, Nigerians enta social media begin dey hala to reply Fashola.

"Di roads no dey as bad as pipo dey always portray am. I know say dis one wey I tok so na im una go use as headline, but di roads no dey dat bad." Foshola tok.

But dis statement no sweet di belle of plenti Nigerians at all. Some of dem tok say e be like say di minister dey live for anoda Nigeria while odas begin send foto of bad-bad roads, both federal and state wey dey for dia area.

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