KFC marriage proposal: Twitter kolo for couple wey agree to marry for South Africa restaurant

Dem later identify di couple wey just engage as Bhut' Hector and Nonhlanhla for South Africa. Image copyright Twitter

Kontri pipo don begin donate tins to help one newly engaged couple do dia dream wedding afta video of wen di man dey propose to di woman for KFC restaurant go viral for social media.

Di video show as one man kneel down, present ring to im partner as dem dey chop dia fried chicken.

KFC South Africa bin share di video come ask pipo to help dem find di couple.

Di post get more dan 17,000 times and di hashtag #KFCProposal begin trend.

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Dem later identify di couple wey just engage as Bhut' Hector and Nonhlanhla for South Africa.

But e no end dia.

E no too tey wen pipo wey no know dem from anywia begin offer to help dem plan dia big day, including wia dem go stay for dia honeymoon and dia wedding performance.

"I go like perform for di wedding for free... I love love," popular singer Zakes Bantwini tweet.

Dem companies begin dey send dem gifts.

"Dis honeymoon places dey far. Pesin go need drive dem go there. We dey dia for you," South Africa official Audi account tweet.

Image copyright KFCSA/Twitter

"We go like make dia union dey special wit offer of two-page spread for our magazine so dem fit tell dia beautiful love tori!" DRUM magazine tweet.

Different kain offers from beer to cooking pots to sportswear just dey come yanfu-yanfu on Friday, along wit donations wey worth thousands of pounds.

Kateka Malobola, one pesin wey bin dey wakapass wey feem di proposal come upload am for social media, took about how di reactions from South Africans dey totori am.

"I take di video come send am to one WhatsApp group to say 'check am out!' and I put am for Facebook and Instagram and den boom!" im took for one follow-up video.

Di lovers hail all di pipo wey dey wish dem well inside statement to SowetanLive.

"Thank you South Africa. Your kindness don really make us warm. We no know say our love tori go touch many of una," dem tok.

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