How French official drug over 200 women make e for watch dem dey urinate

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Image example France Ministry of Culture for di Palais-Royal for Paris

One senior official for di French Ministry of Culture don enta court sake of say im dey drug women make e for fit watch dem dey urinate.

Sources from French judiciary tok say di man don chop accuse of sexual assault and drug offence on top di mata.

One French newspaper Libération quoted five women (in French) say di man dey put one powerful 'diuretics' drug inside tea or coffee give over 200 women.

E go come carry dem waka around di heritage sites near di ministry for Paris. So when di drug don make di women wan piss quick quick, e go carry dem go near River Seine, come offer to cover dem with im coat as dem urinate under di bridge.

Im commit di offence on women wey come for job interview for di ministry between 2009 and 2018.

Dem also accuse am say im dey use im mobile phones take secret pictures of inside di women legs from under im desk.

"I urinate for floor, di piss almost dey touch am for leg. I dey humiliated and ashamed," one woman tok.

One of di women say dem admit am for hospital with urinary tract infection afta di encounter.

Dem begin torchlight di mata wen one woman tok say im catch am dey snap picture of her leg from under im desk, afta, she come report am give im oga.

Although two women come out to say dem don report di man before but di ministry no tack any action.

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