Femi Falana say im get proofs to show say President Buhari dey eye third term

Femi Falana say im get proofs to show say President Buhari dey eye third term Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Wen Buhari bin contest im election for 2015 e bin tell tori pipo say im go only do one term and den go rest, but dat one change for 2018 wen di president declare to run for a second term.

Nigeria human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana don tell BBC Pidgin say him dey accuse Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari say im dey plan third term agenda for di Kontri.

Di 76 year President old don aleady deny for early October 2019 say notin go make am eye third term.

'President Buhari intend to serve im full second elected term inside office, wey go end 2023 - and then anoda general election go hold wey im no go be candidate.' Oga Shehu wey be tok tok person for President Buhari tok for statement.

But Oga Femi Falana for im interview with BBC tok plenti things wey make am dey certain say im get proof say President Muhammadu Buhari dey work against di constitution to extend im tenure for office

Everything wey we dey see for third term agenda dey exist for Nigeria, as we dey tok, na di current trend for West Africa sub region be dat, Falana tok.

West Africa - Buhari no tok pim for long serving leaders

For Benin Republic, President Patrice Talon don turn di kontri to one party state, even for Togo so dat dem go fit elongate dia tenure for office and Nigeria no do anything about am.

President Alpha Condé don silent 12 pipo for im kontri to open way for im third term agenda and even for Cote d'Ivoire, di same thing dey happun

Femi Falana add am say, Nigeria wey be di leading member of di Ecowas kontri no criticise all dis agenda wey dey against di constitution.

Ecowas protocol dey on democracy and good governance and e no support any form of change of goment wey no follow di constitution.

I dey look our past experience and wetin dey happun for di sub regions Na why I conclude say President Buhari wan do third term.

Press Freedom - Sowore detention case na example

For Nigeria, di human rights activist say di signs dey clear, any regime wey no give freedom to di press, turn Nigeria to one party state, ban pubic protest even if e dey peaceful, give amnesty to terrorist, and e dey harass journalist, dat regime no get respect for rule of law.

"E dey destroy di basis of constitution and na plan to conquer di kontri so dat di third term agenda go dey smooth"

Dem no arrest Omyele Sowore sake of di protest, dem arrest am make dem for kill Sahara reporters and na Sahara reporters play ogbonge role to spoil Obasanjo third term agenda.

I dey defend Sowore because evidence no dey to show why dem accuse am of treasonable felony. I get my proof and I go soon bring am comot.

Di warrant wey dem give dem na reproduction warrant and dat wan na accuse say di defendant don fulfil im bail condition, na to come sign make e for dey go

Court no talk say make State security service release Sowore to anybody. Di kontri secret police - Department of State Service however tok on Friday say nobody show to collect Omoyele Sowore from dia hand but lawyers of di #RevolutionNow campaign say na lie.

Five lawyers spend five hours on Thursday wen DSS say make dem come collect Sowore but dem no release am, dey go dia on Saturday but yet dem still no release am.

One local tori newspaper report am say for Nigeria record, na under di regime of President Muhammadu Buhari, journalist don suffer di worst attack for 34 years

But President Buhari don beat chest come outside before say im believe in press freedom.

President vs Vice President kwanta - Di way Buhari dey treat Osinbajo

Di ogbonge lawyer say wen sitting President harass Vice President and render am useless sotee e no allow am contest wetin di goment dey do or get ambition to succeed di President, e dey clear say something dey happun.

Just days agao, na like 35 Senior Special Assistants to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo wey dey work inside di office of di President naim chop sack.

But Garba Shehu, di tok-tok pesin to di President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday explain say di reason why dem drop some staff wey dey work with vice president, Yemi Osinbajo na to reduce di cost of goment and make decision-making dey smooth.

Rule of Law - Failure to obey court oders

Nothing don happun to di pipo wey dey campaign for third term but di pipo wey campaign against di disobedience of rule of law dey under arrest." Femi Falana tok

Im say, wen dem tell you say bill wey parliament pass, dem fit sign am from anywhere against wetin di law tok den no be for nothing, na to make sure say dia third term agenda dey road.

Recently, di Buhari goment don dey boast say dem don destroy di opposition for Nigeria and dis no be joke,

No goment go tell you say e dey plan third term agenda, na for di masses to find out wetin all dis undemocratic process dey about.

Court don order state security service to produce Sowore for court but dem no obey di court rule.

Wen, lawyer, Aka Bashorun accuse Babangida say e dey plan third term we no believe am until we begin see evidence of a dictator wey no wan comot office even wen dem force am out e say e dey step aside with intention say e dey come back to goment.

Di Nigeria law book (constitution) no create room for di President to seat for office more than two times of four years each.

Wen Buhari bin contest im election for 2015 e bin tell tori pipo say im go only do one term and den go rest, but dat one change for 2018 wen di president declare to run for a second term.

Di last time wen Nigeria lawmakers bit try to change di kontri law book to allow di president to contest third na for 2007 wen former President Olusegun Obasanjo bin dey round off im second term but di plan fail.

Buhari bin don rule Nigeria before 2015, as military ruler between 1983 and 1985 as army General.

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