World Pneumonia Day: Nigeria get di highest number of children wey don die - UNICEF

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Image example Mama dey look her pickin for hospita

Nigeria get di highest number of pikin dem wey dey die of pneumonia for di world, dis na according to UNICEF.

Di humanitarian agency say di disease kill 18 Nigerian children every hour for 2018.

UNICEF for dia latest report say di 19 percent of children wey die for 2018, die sake of say dem get pneumonia.

Di lung disease na im also be di biggest killer of children wey neva reach five years for year before that one.

Di UN agency say wetin dey cause child pneumonia ifor Nigeria na malnutrition, indoor air pollution from charcoal wey dem dey burn.

Pneumonia na infection wey affects di lungs, e dey fill dem with fluid or pus.

Children wey HIV or malnutrition don make dia immune system weak and di ones wey dey live for area wey dia water and air don pollute get di greater risk

Apart from Nigeria, four oda kontris na im dey responsible for more dan half child pneumonia death for di world. Di kontris na India, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

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