Omoyele Sowore don spend 100 days inside Nigeria secret police net wit no hope of freedom

Omoyele Sowore Image copyright Omoyele Sowore

Nigerian activist and Publisher of Sahara Reporters Omoyele Sowore don spend 100 days inside Nigeria secret police net wit no hope of freedom.

Nigeria secret police on Tuesday morning pursue pipo wey come do I-no-gree waka for dia head office inside Abuja sake of Omoyele Sowore wey dem still dey hold.

Na since Friday night on 3 August 2019 na im di kontri secret police arrest di Publisher of Sahara Reporters, come later charge for treason - Wey be offence wey enemies of di state fit commit.

Tori be say court don grant Sowore bail and im lawyer Femi Falana say dem don fufill im bail conditions but DSS neva release am.

See how di struggle don waka inside dis troi dem:

  1. On Monday Sowore Lawyer Femi Falana tell BBC Pidgin say Buhari dey opress Press Freedom - Sowore detention case na example
  2. Just last week, Sowore lawyer say dem go cari DSS go court
  3. For September Nigeria goment knack Sowore with treason charges
  4. Court later grant Sowore bail on September 24, come order DSS to release am
  5. Na for August afta #RevolutionNow: protest Femi Falana cari di mata for head
  6. For August Nigeria Police tag di Sowore Revolution protest as treasonable offence

Lawyer for di #RevolutionNow converner Omoyele Sowore don threaten to cari Nigeria Department of State Service (DSS) go court.

Senior advocate of Nigeria lawyer Femi Falana, wey bi di head lawyer for Sowore say, dem go "cari DSS go court, make di goment put dem for prison."

Oga Falana dey para afta DSS still neva gree let Sowore and im co-defendant Olawale Bakare waka even though dem make all dia bail conditions

On October 4, Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu bin grant dem bail wit conditions wey dem bin no fit meet.

Afta di two defence apply, di judge reconsider di bail conditions and now d defendants don finally meet am.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori