Kemi or Ore: Nigerians dey use social media compare who 'good or bad' girl be wife material

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Di issue of woman wey dey suitable for marriage or wey go make beta wife don turn serious discussion on Tuesday for social media afta di Whatshapp chat between one young man and im friend go viral.

Tori be say di young man share di Whatsapp chat of how im friend wey be creative director try to discourage am make e no engage one of im 'babes'- Ore.

Di young man bin want im friend to give am good concept of how e go take engage 'Ore' but instead di friend begin lecture/advise am say 'Ore no be di right choice' as e prefer, Kemi- wey be di young man oda babe.

Di whatsapp conversation don turn serious argument for Twitter users inside Nigeria.

'Good girl vs Bad girl'

While odas dey compare 'good girl' versus 'bad girl' who good for marriage, odas dey vex say di young man dey double date, some odas dey give advise.

Based on di Whatsapp conversation, some pipo for twitter come dey para say di young man bin don dey date Kemi before e start to date Ore join.

Wetin di friend tok about Kemi wey make pipo say na 'good girl'

Di young man wey confuse sake of say e get two girlfriends-Folakemi and Ore tell im best friend say na Ore im dey plan to marry.

" I dey think of getting Ore engage but I no know how to pursue Folakemi. I don dey think about am, I dey wait make she mess up but di babe neva do anything yet."

Di friend no just waste time at all e begin dey dish out reason why Kemi be wife material.

"Kemi for me na good babe, from good family, then her pipo dey okay, dem no dey hungry, she fit stubborn, good but she get good heart bro! Remember dat year for school wey she leave home from Island come help us pay N4K gbese we dey owe Sabo mall? Most babe no go fit do am."

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Image example Di friend say im prefer Kemi and recommend her for di young man to marry instead of Ore

"She be babe wey dey accommodating with your guys dem. Ore no dey relate with any of us. Marry pesin like Ore, your guys no go dey show your house again."

"Okay, anoda instance for kemi, Last month we leave club for 2AM enta your house, around 3AM, hunger wan kill us, shebi Kemi still stand up, organise for boys."

Di friend add say although Kemi no too dey bright, no sabi kerewa, no sabi cook soup but she dey nice, friendly and she fit learn how to cook.

E remind di young man of di fact say na im disvirgin Kemi.

Wetin di friend tok about Ore wey make pipo say na 'bad girl'

As for Ore, di friend say na eye service she dey do and make di young man no dey carried away with her big bum-bum because no be wetin e go chop.

"Di day wey you tell Ore to help you make eba, wetin she tell you for phone? See you start to know di woman wey worth your endless love and life partnership, based on how she dey treat your friends and family."

"Ore wey you meet for Sotinx bar, you know how many pipo wey don knack her dat year apart form T.Y wey be your guy too."

"Imagine say you get married to someone wey your guy don knack well-well, gist us for school dat year. Aside Ore family no hold shimgbai (no get money)...Imagine responsibility wey go dey indirectly for your head if you marry Ore."

As e be so, some pipo for twiiter dey use dis conversation take learn life lesson.

For Nigeria man and woman fit marry for court, church and according to traditional rites.

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