Atewa forest: Quick facts about di Ghana forest wey need protection from bauxite mining

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Image example Atewa Forest be evergreen forest of about 17,400 hectares of land for South-Eastern Ghana

Oscar award-winning actor den environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio call on Ghanaians say make dem protect one of de main forests, Atewa.

According to Leonardo DiCaprio, "de forest reserve dey provide drinking water to over 5 million people wey more than 100 wildlife species dey risk extinction."

"Sake of these benefits of de forest, de country for protect de am so so say de planet go be healthy" he add.

BBC News Pidgin don gada five sharp facts you suppose sabi about dis forest.

Atewa Forest - Tins you suppose know

Atewa Forest be huge evergreen forest of about 17,400 hectares of land for Akyem Abuakwa region of Eastern Region of Ghana.

Di Atewa range get three major important rivers, Ayensu, Densu den Birim River plus some 165 million tonnes of bauxite for de reserve inside.

Atewa Range Forest Reserve get international recognition as one of de highest priority ecosystems for West Africa sake of de plenty species diversity.

Dem gazette am as National Forest Reserve around 1926, later as Special Biological Protection Area in 1994, as Hill Sanctuary in 1995 and finally as one of Ghana's 30 Globally Significant Biodiversity Areas (GSBAs) around 1999.

In addition to de evergreen trees, over 100 endangered species wey dey inside de forest, Atewa get global recognition as important area for birds.

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Image example Leonardo DiCaprio na Oscar award-winning actor den environmental activist.

SaveAtewaForestNow Campaign

De campaign to save Atewa Forest be push back against govment decision to allow Chinese mine bauxite reserves wey dey de forest, inside in exchange for $2 billion investment in infrastructure from China.

Leonardo DiCaprio be de latest high profile person wey add en voice to de calls by activists who dey champion de online campaign #SaveAtewaForestNow.

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