Goment use dam do fish business, na im cause flood and death of one of us - Isheri community

Isheri community flood

Communities wey October 2019 flood affect for Lagos and Ogun state, south west Nigeria don accuse goment say dem lie on top why di flood happun.

Tok tok pesin for di communities Abayomi Akinde tell tori pipo for press conference on Tuesday say di statement wey Ogun Osun Riverbasin Development Authority release wia dem claim say na climate change cause di flood no be true.

Akinde accuse di river basin pipo say dem dey use dia dam do fish business wit foreign companies and na di water wey dem store for fish business cause di flood after dem release di water.

"We want make di Riverbasin office dey release di water from dam wen e suppose be according to international standards, so dat e no go dey cause flood. Dem suppose release water for dry season, but na during raining season dem dey release water" na so Akinde tok.

Image example For October flood bin enter Isheri community

Ogun Osun Riverbasin Development Authority release statement say na heavy rainfall cause dem to release excess water from di dam rainfall.

Di statement say na predictions from Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET) and Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) dia engineers dey use release water from di dams.

Di statement add say plenti pipo wey build for di community na land grabbers and e follow dey cause flood. Di Isheri community don deny di allegation, dem say na goment sell all di land give dem.

Tori be say serious flood pursue over 1000 families for di Isheri communities for end of October and till now plenti of di families neva return to dia houses as water still dey inside.

Di flood cause "death of one pesin for Isheri community" according to di community leaders and properties worth millions spoil.

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