Result of Kogi election: EU confam violence for Kogi, refuse to declare elections dey 'free and fair'

European Union observer Ketil Karlsen dey follow voting process for Kogi State Image copyright Twitter/EUinNigeria

European Union election observers on Sunday say di reports of violence, ballot box snatching and missing pipo for Kogi and Bayelsa elections no sweet dem for belle.

For statement wey EU, UK, US, Germany, di Netherlands, Austria and Ireland join hand release on Sunday, dem confam say dia members use two eyes see violence and intimidation wey happun for Kogi.

EU observers no determine di 16 November elections for Nigeria say e dey 'free and fair', as di dem do during di main presidential election earlier in di year for 23 February.

"Reports dey of kill kill and missing pipo, including INEC staff. We dey pray for all di victims and dia families."

But Nigeria election office - Inec don confam for statement say none of dis workers dey miss.

"Wetin also worry us na di vote buying wey dey open and di sure reports of ballot box snatching for both Bayelsa and Kogi," di obodo oyinbo observers bin tok.

Di states of Kogi and Bayelsa enta poll on Saturday to elect new govnors and lawmakers.

Di observers para for why e be say pipo no fit vote in peace, without 'intimidation and harassment'.

According to di joinbodi, dem don participate for every major election for Nigeria since 1999. And say di work wey dem dey follow INEC and di Nigeria authorities do, no get partiality inside.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori