How my shop burn for Kogi tanker explosion
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Kogi tanker explosion: 'My shop burn and I no know how to survive' - victims

Felele Community dey mourn afta tanker accident.

Di pipo of Felele For Kogi state north central Nigeria still dey in shock, a day afta tanker accident happun for di area.

According to eyewitness, six pesin die for di accident, several odas wunjure and dem dey recieve treatment for hospital.

And di tanker fire also burn down all di small businesses wey dey roadside.

Di tori be say di tanker bin fail break and di driver no fit control di car.

As di driver di struggle wit di car, e clear one okada man and dat one die immediately.

Di trailer also hit two keke napep plus two cars. One of di cars cari apple fruits and everi bodi for dat car burn.

Dem say dis no be di first time wey dis kind accident dey happun.

Dem say di Felele federal road na death trap as plenti accident don dey happun for di area because of di bad road.

Dem blame goment say since di road bad, dem neva fit repair am.