Police brutality: How policeman shot dead computer science graduate for Kano

Mus'ab Sammani
Wetin we call dis foto,

Na just four months ago 22 year old Sammani return from India wia go do im university degree for computer science.

Wednesday 4th December 2019 na day wey di family of Sammani Zangon Marikita for Kano, North West, Nigeria no go ever forget.

Na di day wey dem lose dia pikin Mus'ab Sammani to gunshot from police for Kano, northwest Nigeria.

According to di father wey speak to BBC, Mus'ab na 22 year old na just four months ago e return from India wia e go do im degree for computer science.

"Afta e return four months ago as a businessman na im I open one rice mill for am to dey manage and infact e dey on im way to settle with some customers wey di policeman shoot am."

Wetin happun be say Keke man brush im Toyota Matrix car so dem come dey argue for road then di policeman wey dey guard bank wey dey close come enter di mata, my pikin dey inside car wen di policeman shoot am from outside, bullet break glass hit am for neck and by the time dem rush am go hospital e don die."

Ahaji Sammani say e no go ever forget wetin im discuss last with im pikin few minutes before e die.

"E call me for phone say make I come see some new things wey dem bring for di rice mill and I dey on my way to di place wey some pipo call me say dem don shoot my son."

Di father say e don speak to commissioner of Police for Kano CP Habu Sani and e don assure am of justice.

"I dey call on police to make sure dem do justice even though na one of dia own do dis tin, CP don assure me and i hope say e go happen."

Rabiu Kura wey be eyewitness wen di gbege happun for Niger Street wey be popular street for Kano, tell BBC Pidgin wetin im see.

"Di young man dey inside im car na im di keke man brush am dem come start to argue and infact dem wan even settle themselves when di policeman wey dey guard bank close by come enter di mata telling di guy to park well, and before we know gunshot, na so di policeman carry hand put for head."

Kura say pipo wey full di street gbab di policeman seize im gun and begin beat am before oda policemen come save am.

"If not for oda police wey come dia, pipo for kill di officer because na blood dey everywhere for im body, pipp beat am no be small."

Kano Police Command tok tok pesin DSP Abdullahi Haruna tell BBC say di officer wey dem no gree release im name go face police court wey go likely sack am before dem go charge am to court for wetin im do.

"Di officer dey with CID (investigations department) for now but e go face our internal court process, wey go likely sack because of wetin im do and from there we go charge go court for am to face justice." Dis na wetin police tok tok pesin yan.

Dis no be di first time wey Nigeria Police dey face dis kain problem for di kontri, just few days ago Police shoot one driver wey die for Akure-Owo expressway.